The EHLION Foundation Projects & Programs

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Education & Scholarships

Our basic education and scholarships fund helps provide children in Africa and beyond with access to schools, including tuition fees and travel to ensure pupils are able to get where they need to be. Our foundation fund provides children with all the materials they need to grow and flourish, from school meals, books, and pens, to learning materials and classroom activities.


We believe no child or adult should ever experience hunger, so we frequently donate to local foodbanks to ensure that these people have enough food to cover them in the short-term, until a more long-term solution is found.

Cancer Research Groups and Foundations

Our foundation donates to various cancer research groups and foundations. Our donations help provide better services and better medical treatments to various patients. From medical material to hospital stays, when faced with illness, we believe that every little helps.

Children’s Homes.

Through our donations to children’s homes, we aim to offer stability and security through a warm, nurturing environment where children can build resilience and form lasting relationships, which will set them up for a more stable future.

We’ve been working with Kenyan Children Help for five years now, where we help with providing a scholarship for a group of children at New White House Academy, located a few miles away from Voi. This breath-takingly beautiful region happens to be one of the world’s most destitute, too, with families having up to ten children each, without the resources to put them through school. The Academy is a primary and secondary boarding school that provides around 300 children with hot, nutritious meals and access to state-of-the-art education, and is one of the projects we’re proudest of.

We also contribute regularly to the local Foodbank in Malta through the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation who provide non-perishable emergency 7-day food packs, including canned food, cereals, pasta, sauces and rice, always as nutritionally balanced as possible – to individuals, couples or families who are struggling to find money for food.

Keeping to the educational and support needs of children, the EHLION Foundation also supports local children’s homes with basic needs like diapers and toys as well as monetary contributions.