About Us

Meaning what we say – and saying what we mean

As a private not-for-profit organisation, the EHLION Foundation assists those in need by supporting the power of volunteer initiatives and donations. We work with NGOs and projects around the globe in a range of fields, all with the same emphasis on the three core values that have guided us since we first embarked on our mission to make a difference.


We’re committed to engaging in fully transparent practices from start to finish. We support ethical, fair-trade, and sustainable organisations with a proven track record of getting things done while respecting the planet and local populations.


Our ethos is governed by an unshakeable belief in equipping individuals with the skills, opportunities, and resources to shape their own lives. Rather than take a top- down approach to providing for local communities, we strive to facilitate access to schooling, structures, and the means needed for people to take control of their own destinies – and sustainably so. As a foundation we also help out the community by donating to cancer researches and support groups


We uphold equality and diversity across the board, working with a range of different partner associations and NGOs and people from all walks of life. The work we uphold is carried out by the community, for the community, with the emphasis on nurturing true understanding of the many factors at play in any given part of the world.

Our history

We go way back…

The EHLION Foundation adventure was launched five years ago now, having taken our first steps as a grassroots venture back in 2013. We started small with local, frontline associations and gradually building up to supporting leading international NGOs and projects. Continuing to back small-scale local groups and organisations remains the cornerstone of what we do best.

We’re proud to have been forerunners in the matter. As pioneers in the field of enterprise with a conscience, putting corporate social responsibility centre-stage was dear to our hearts well before CSR became a corporate buzzword. From our early days of sponsoring students in a Kenyan school, to supporting local foodbanks and cancer research and support groups, the EHLION Foundation is going from strength to strength

Our mission

Listen. Engage. Inspire. Empower.

The EHLION Foundation’s philosophy is based on providing communities with the tools they need to spark self-determination. We support, fund, and promote initiatives run by local organisations and global NGOs alike – from community, social and economic campaigns to self-help, environmental, educational and health and support.

Through, sponsorship, donations, campaigning and investing, we hope to leave the world a better, safer, and more equal place. Although our primary focus has been on education to date, we’re gradually expanding our community to help give more to the many.



Some of the projects we support vary from year to year, but as a general rule, the EHLION Foundation’s funds can be broken down as follows:

10% on health

Supporting cancer research and support groups

30% on food

Supporting food banks, distributing food packages and giving monetary support.

60% on schooling and education

Supporting children by sponsoring them to get an adequate education which will set them up for life by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and insufficient education