Making a Difference

Enacting change for positive global impact lies at the heart of what the EHLION Foundation sets out to achieve. Through scholarships, donations, community-led projects and voluntary work, we aim to shape a fairer, safer world by creating opportunities in several countries with lack of educational institutions, structure and resources.

When a little goes a long way…

Because we believe in empowering individuals to create positive change in their lives, our team puts education at the centre-stage. So many children around the world miss out on school, either through lack of opportunity or resources.

The EHLION Foundation aims to put an end to barriers to education because quality schooling remains a right – not a privilege. Our donations, in particular, focus on giving communities the funding they need to help create a brighter future.

Become a Volunteer

Transform lives across the globe


How the EHLION Foundation Helps

1%. Just 1% of the average monthly salary in the West is all it takes to transform lives across the globe. Donations by the EHLION Foundation support injecting resources and funds straight into the heart of the communities that need them most.